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Caves and hiding places made of clay for Egyptian tortoises and 
other exotic species, but also for the rearing of hatchlings and 
young European tortoises.

In a nearby pottery, I made caves and hiding spots out of clay, 
some of them made by myself. The round caves have a diameter 
of approx. 22 cm, are unglazed and baked at a temperature of 1225 ° C. 
As a result, the fired clay practically no longer absorbs any water, 
so that a more humid and cooler microclimate is maintained in 
these caves. This has a positive effect on the well-being of turtles, e.g. 
For example, when keeping Testudo kleinmanni or other tropical tortoises,
but also for young animals of European tortoises, the humidity is of 
great advantage.
You can now also order these caves here. They are all handmade.
You have to calculate about 4 weeks for the production in the pottery. 
Therefore, if there are no goods in stock, the delivery time is approx. 
5 weeks.

Dimensions: diameter approx. 22 cm, height 10 cm, 
entrance width x height 14 x 9 cm.

Since it is handmade, all parts are always slightly different in color, 
size and shape, so the photos are sample photos.
A cave costs € 23.50 plus shipping by weight. The offer is valid for 1 cave.
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The Egyptian Tortoise,
Testudo kleinmanni Lortet, 1883
A Fascinating Little Beauty


1rst Edition 2019

ISBN: 978-3-00-062343-1

Format DIN A5

260 pages, 266 illustrations

Language: English




The authors

 Franziska Biedenweg & Ricarda Schramm

     (from the left)


Rudolf Schramm




The Egyptian Tortoise, Testudo kleinmanni Lortet, 1883
is the smallest of the Mediterranean species of Testudo and the world’s second smallest tortoise species living today. Native to North Africa and Israel, it is adapted to surviving under the extreme climatic conditions of semideserts. In spite of conservation measures and captive breeding programmes, the Egyptian Tortoise is acutely threatened by extinction.
Even though maintaining it in human care is thought of as a challenge, it has been gaining popularity amongst dedicated terrarium keepers in recent years. Information on its complex husbandry requirements has so far been scant and tedious to trace. The present book by Franziska Biedenweg and Dipl.-Biol. Ricarda Schramm fills this gap in that it is the first to provide comprehensive and detailed data on the fascinating little beauty known as Testudo kleinmanni.
The authors discuss all relevant subjects, including the distribution and ecology of this species in the wild, how the latter translates into keeping and feeding it properly in captivity, what is required for propagating it successfully, and how to best employ modern technology to achieve these goals. An exhaustive list of the existing literature and numerous colour photographs and graphics illustrate the individual chapters.
The author’s years of experience with keeping this species are summarized in an annual care schedule that will provide guidelines to the month-to-month keeping of this species. A loose copy of this schedule is added to the book for ease of reference.

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