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About us


The first contact with a tortoise I experienced at the tender age of 2 years.
However, this can not yet be described as the beginning of
the tortoise-keeping, but perhaps as the foundation of lifelong fascination.
Having grown up with animals and a close relationship with nature
since I was a child, I later studied biology at the Goethe University in
Frankfurt in the 1970s.
Already during my studies I started to take care of the first tortoises.
At least they already lived in the garden. However, at that time still
the tortoise attitude and the knowledge about the needs of the animals
was generally characterized by great ignorance, which unfortunately
paid many turtles with the life.
It was only over time that the level of knowledge slowly improved
through recent literature, scientific research, lectures, field observations
in the natural habitat of european turtles, etc. Step by step, my tortoise attitude
has been continually improved to its present state.


For many years I have been committed to a species-appropriate and
natural attitude of tortoise in human custody. For this I advise and inform
tortoise interested in all areas and like to pass on my over 40 years
with tortoises acquired experience.
From these discussions, I gained the insight that often a varied and
balanced diet of tortoises failed due to the lack of knowledge of suitable
forage crops.
In 2010, I published the book "Landschildkröten-Futterpflanzen" to help find
and get to know a larger number of forage species.
The book was published by my Tartaruga publishing house.
In 2013, the second edition of the guidebook was published in pocket format
and in 2017 the third revised and expanded edition.
Another important topic besides nutrition is the attitude of tortoises.
Unfortunately, far too many European tortoises still live their lives in
terrariums. From an initial collection of manuals and ideas for outdoor
facilities, initially intended for the personal consultation of newcomers,
was created in 2014 the book "Landschildkröten-Freilandanlagen".
This guide also published the second edition in 2016.
A new book about the Egyptian tortoise Testudo kleinmanni was published
in German in 2018,
"Die Ägyptische Landschildkröte Testudo kleinmanni
Lortet, 1883". It offers interesting facts about this fascinating tortoise
species and detailed information about the attitude in human care.
In June 2019, the long-awaited English translation of the book on
Testudo kleinmanni, "The Egyptian Tortoise Testudo kleinmanni Lortet, 1883",
is published. Now also English-speaking interested people have access
to detailed information about the Egyptian tortoise and its care.
For your questions, wishes, suggestions, criticism, but also praise,
we always have an open ear.
Ricarda Schramm




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